Beth Sullivan

Education Consultant

Helping you unlock your full potential

Hi, I’m Beth. After a decade in classrooms, I started offering literacy tutoring online in 2017 so I could spend more time with my family and with students, and less time commuting and doing paperwork. Now I get to help students and help other educators meet their students’ needs!

My Story

I don’t remember deciding to become a teacher. I just always knew that’s what I would be. From watching my mom tutor adults for their GEDs to helping some of my favorite people when they struggled in school, it all just made sense to me.

But after more than 10 years as a special education teacher, I was so frustrated because my students needed more than I could fit into an IEP, a school budget, or a middle school schedule. There was always tension between what my administrators needed (paperwork!) and what my students needed (more face-to-face time with a highly qualified instructor!). Never mind what my family needed (me!) or what my colleagues needed, which was time, help understanding the growing technology demands, and ways to support their students. As a school teacher, I felt like I wasn’t meeting anyone’s needs fully.  And I. Was. Exhausted.

I left my teaching position in the whirlwind that was 2020 to do more of what I love, teaching students to read and write using the Orton-Gillingham approach and helping other tutors.

I started tutoring exclusively online a few years ago when I realized two things: One, there were parents all over the country (and beyond) struggling to find qualified reading tutors for their children locally. And two, tutoring online let me build a stronger business with better quality of life.

In fact, I got so excited about the potential of tutoring online that I started helping other literacy tutors move their businesses online, too.  

I love working with students and with tutors for the same reason: I love demystifying and simplifying things (whether it’s vowel sounds, paragraph writing or tutoring technology) that can seem overwhelming and frustrating without the right guidance. I can meet people where they are and help them get where they want to be!

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