What I Do

Education Consultant

Literacy Tutoring

Orton-Gillingham certified online literacy tutoring. I use a systematic and explicit approach to help students unlock the code and become readers and writers

Deep Roots Learning

Consultation and support for online tutors working to build and grow their businesses


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IEP Goal Consultation

I support parents by reviewing¬† assessment reports, student records, and IEP drafts, with a focus on helping parents ensure that their child’s assessments are thorough and their IEP goals are specific, measurable, and relevant to their needs.

Crafting Personalized Educational Experiences

Navigating the educational system can be overwhelming, whether you are a teacher, another professional, a parent, or a student.

Some students slide right into school and follow the program. Many others get what they need easily from their teachers. The rest need something else. I’m here to help you look at the data, and make a plan to teach the students that need a little bit more, whether they are learning online or in person.

My Approach

I was headed for a career in education from the time I was a kid, when I realized that some of my favorite people – some of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I knew – weren’t doing well in school. I knew the problem couldn’t be them. I always knew I’d end up a teacher because I wanted to teach those people that didn’t fit right in to the public school model. And after 12 years in public school classrooms, I realized I couldn’t really do what I set out to do from there. So now here I am, looking at the classroom from the outside, helping students to succeed in reading, writing, and study skills by teaching them directly, or by helping their educators create systems that meet their needs.¬†